Digital Printing Vs Offset Printing

In a very simple word, Digital Printing is a process of printing using digital technology to print a material whereas Offset printing is a process of printing in which the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket then to the printing surface. Offset printing is termed as a classical trend of printing whereas digital printing is the latest trend of printing materials. Both methods of printing deliver different quality and quantity of output. They are not differing in terms of quality only but prices, time-consumption and methods too.

In present world, people prefer digital printing more than offset printing. It doesn’t mean offset printing is outdated but yes, it becomes an older trend in the present world. Let’s discuss about differences among them on the basis of points –


In the matter of offset printing, when quantities increase, the unit cost goes down. It offers front-end cost load whereas in case of digital printing, very short runs can be much more cost effective. This is a small difference between digital printing and offset printing based on quantity and people select one of them by considering their priority.

Printing Medium

When we talk about printing medium, digital printing has more options. It can be useful when you want or need special paper, unusual printing surface or unique size. Whereas in case of offset printing, it still offer the most flexibility.


Digital printing has more color option in comparison to offset printing. The digital printing use four-color process printing and offset only offers black or one or two ink colors. That’s the difference between both offset printings a digital printing in terms of color options.

Color Accuracy

Frankly speaking, offset printing offer more color accuracy than digital printing as offset printing use actual Pantone® ink. But digital printing will be less accurate in color matching as it uses four-color matching process.


Now let’s talk about the fastest deliver in matter of printing. Well, digital printing deliver quicker deliver of printing material comparatively to offset printing and this is the reason why people goes to digital printing techniques as their priority is to get fastest delivery with high quantity, whereas offset printing takes more time than digital printing because this technique demand huge efforts.


Undoubtedly, digital printing has customization solutions than offset printing. You can easily customize or modify the existing image and deliver variety of materials; pieces vary in design and color by digital printing. Offset printing has no solution for customization.