5 Tips to Design Best Business Cards

Business Cards are the demand of this modern and advanced world where people including clients, customers and so on asks for contact to stay connected with you or your business. Business card contains all the details and information which they need to contact you further. It contain your name, contact number, your business name, designation, address majorly in the card. It’s the most important thing to express yourself and your business in the shortest manner and with the most decent manner.

Every businessman has a business card which they offer to their clients and customers so that they can contact them further for any query and dealing. It’s beneficial because it builds your clients and customers and also keeps them connected with you through your business card. But beyond all these features, business cards also reflect the standard of the businessmen and his/her business. Now the question is how? Well, the along with the way of offering a business card, its design, structure, fonts, shape, creativity and gesture matters. All these things make a good impression and attract the person who is receiving your business card. So your business card must be impressive, creative and unique so that people will keep remember yourself and your business and find your business in higher level.

Here are 5 tips to design best business cards –

Impressive/Unique Design

There are lots of business cards in the market which clients and customers gets everyday for further contact, then what is the thing that make them to remember your business for always? It is impressive and unique design of the business card. Yes, the design of the business card must be unique from other and really very impressive so that people will get attract from your business card. Forget the classical way of designing business card; make something new that is totally different from others and impressive, eye-catching too.

Visible Content

Give an impressive design to your card, but do not forget its content. Do not only focus on the design but also on its content to make it productive for the receiver. The content must be easily visible on the business card so that the reader will not feel irritating or difficult to read the content on it. It must be visible, easily readable and short so that people do not have to wear spectacles or use telescope to read the text on it. The font must be unique, attractive but “readable”.


Creativity is also essential when you design something either it is a business card or anything else. The designer must be creative and innovative while designing the business card. He/she must take different creativity into action and bring a great look to the business card and that people will really admire the creativity of the maker when they receive the card.

Business Based Design

If you have a restaurant business, then you should bring something in the card that defines the nature of the business. It means that the design should be related to the nature of business. Give a design of utensils, dining table, food or something that define your restaurant business.

Graphic and Artistic

Your business card must be graphical and artistic that will really attract the attention of people. Try something different and use graphics including photos and animated graphics that will bring more charm in your business card. A simple designed business card does not make the receiver to remember your card, so try to make it attractive.