5 Common Business Card Design Mistakes

Business cards reflect the standard of business and it makes an impression of the business owner as well the person who is presenting the card. The purpose of the business card is to give contact details of the business to the clients, customers, stakeholders or other people care about the business. It includes name of the owner with his/her designation, telecom number, address and other general information in the shortest way so that a person can able to contact him/her for further query or business dealing, It is very important to have a business card without which you cannot able to remain in contact with the people. Business cards help a person to get the contact details about your business in the shortest way that whenever they want to contact you, they can just see the card and make a call or visit.

The design of the business card puts more points on the card and also makes it attractive. It is important to make a business card more attractive because it keeps under the vision of people and it also keeps a person aware of your business. On the other side, it makes a good impression and increases the reputation. A business card must be decent but impressive but sometimes people make some big but common business card design mistakes that ruin the whole gesture of business card.

Let’s discuss those mistakes so that you will be aware of such mistakes in future –


Font or text on the business card is the most important part of any business card. To make it more attractive, sometimes the makers use different amounts of fonts and text styles which actually ruin the whole card. You need to use the same font and text throughout the business card and should ensure that the font is easily visible and readable. Do not play with the font, you can change and create designs for the background but not with the font.


Some people thinks to leave the white space will make their business card look simple and not so attractive but it’s totally wrong. Do not fill the white space at some part of the business card. It helps a person to easily read the text written on the card and also it attracts the text and makes it readable. Using white space too will make the wrong impression and show the overuse of texts and designs.

Poor Colors and Card Quality

People think the text and design only matter on the card but it’s not actually correct. The color of the card and its quality also matters. Use the color on the text and design that will never get faded or leak because business used to keep your card in their wallet or pocket and if the color leak, it will stick to their wallet and pocket and at that time, it will ruin the whole impression of yours and your business. Also, try to use a well built and quality material in business card that would not make the card crack-able.

Inadequate Information

To make a short and simple card, people used to add less information which is not a good thing for an ideal card. It’s true that the information should be in short, but it must include all the things, in general, such as phone numbers, name, designation, company’s name, office address, personal address.

Social Network Icon

It’s good that your business is linked with social network and social sites which you must show on your website but what is the sense of using social network icon on your business cards? It’s really a funny thing when people use it on cards, they are clickable neither it makes any sense. So try to avoid this stupid attempt.